Thursday, October 11, 2012

Take Me to Your Heart

Often when I travel there is a song that seems to pervade, sticking to the memories of the trip, and that song will then forever remind me of that place or time or trip. So, what's the song for Laos you ask???

Take Me to Your Heart.

I've heard it at the grocery store, along the street, at the bus stop. While it is definitely not a song I would normally listen to, and it's not even new, I've found myself humming it, and even keeping an ear out for it. (Side-note about music in the grocery store, I've heard Taylor Swift Christmas music, and Eminem songs so full of expletives that I ran around trying to get my stuff and get out as quickly as possible. Apparently they aren't very selective, or aware.) I don't know why it's stood out so much to me. Maybe because I've never heard it before and it's so not Lao, but it's everywhere!

In the Dominican Republic, we were all crooning-Baby te quiero-wo-woo

This song is stuck with the blitzkrieg trip to San Diego made with my roommates sophomore year of college when we helped clean up the damage from all the fires.

Are there any songs that instantly remind you of a trip or place?

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  1. Random! I have never heard the Laos song before and I don't think I will listen to it again... But I love that you have theme songs. I don't think I have done that but I totally should.