Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Swing Away

I really just need to avoid swing dances at all costs. This time it was a church function, so I thought I would be safe. I just can't get over the awkwardness of it. I'm holding hands with some guy I've never met before. If I want to try and talk to him I either have to get real close to his ear and have no eye contact, or I try to make eye contact at kissing range. I can never hold a gaze for more than 5 seconds.

So, this time I danced a couple then graciously backed out of the room. I then proceeded to grab a cup of water and head to a loft area that overlooked the dance floor. I talked and sipped, and talked and sipped, and then talked some more. At this point I forget that there is still more water left in my cup that I've half crumpled in my hand (Yep, it's that obvious what is about to happen). So, as I'm leaning over the balcony, I let me hand drop, and that water drops down right onto some poor girls head. She got a good look at me and was able send one very nasty glare my way as I panicked and shouted 'OH MY GOSH, I'M SO SORRY!!! HOLY SOMETHING!!!' I then dived to the ground for cover. It took awhile for the witnesses to recover from the spasms of laughter that overtook them. So, yeah, I'm that girl who dumps water onto unsuspecting girl's heads. Her poor hair-do.

Monday, March 12, 2012

A Few Good Things

I got some furniture!!!
My new awesome roommate gave me a desk she was going to get rid of, and is letting me use her bed, which is now currently stacked on top of the old, gross bed, since I haven't figured out how to get rid of it yet. I also splurged on an Ikea office chair so that I can actually sit at my desk.

There is something so fulfilling about creating something myself (*pat myself on the back*).

Functions as vanity and desk.

I feel like the Princess and the Pea! 
Except it would more likely be a dead fly, we've had this horrible infestation...we're starting to keep a kill tally.

I also have some really great news. I got a paid internship!!! Yay!!! A friend of mine hooked me up, and I will be the new Communications Intern for Development Gateway. They are all about better information tools, data, and transparency in the development world. I'm really excited about this opportunity. While a part of me has a hard time that I've seemingly taken a step back into becoming an intern, it is also a step forward into the international development arena that I really want to become involved in. I will start in a week, so I'm going to try and enjoy this last week of no job but as much as I can!