Friday, January 21, 2011

Princess and the Pea

How would you like to stay at the Chalet Lumiere in Chamonix, UK. I think I'd be okay with it. Or maybe this is more your style?

This little delight happens to be in Mykonos, Greece.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith (No, not the movie, but if Brad Pitt was coming out of that pool, I wouldn't complain) offers access to "Boutique and Luxury Hotels." Our Princess definitely wouldn't have to worry about any peas interrupting her sleep here. You can search by Home, Destination, or Special Offers. And they have excellent sub-categories like, Child-Friendly, Pet-Friendly, Beach in Reach or Best for Couples, etc. Even if it's nowhere near feasible to stay at one of these places it's a delight to look through and imagine how amazing you would look sun tanning in this chair or strolling through these grounds. They say dream BIG right?

Monday, January 10, 2011

Passport Glam

One day I hope that my relationship with my passport is close enough that I will feel like it is appropriate to bestow it one of these beautiful covers.
Posh Accessories also has a ton of dang cute covers to spice up your passport with like this one. I love all the details this one has.

You can also find this one there or at Wild and Wolf which has a whole line that incorporates this vintage map design, ranging from luggage tags to gift wrap. I think maps are beautiful, and deserve their own post later.