Wednesday, March 16, 2011

To Skeddadle

So, I never really did the 'intro' post, you know the "Hello blog world this is who I am and this is why I'm blogging, and this is what I'm going to be blogging about," so I figured perhaps I should do that now.

As I told my cousin Kinsey last night, I was hoping my blog would inspire me, because I could really use some inspiration right now, but I soon realized that you have to feed inspiration into your blog. Which is probably what I really need, to learn how to seek inspiration everyday and let it thus inspire. The title and overall 'theme' I guess you would say stems from a deep desire of mine to go everywhere, see everything, and never miss out on what could be an amazing experience, a great memory, a laughable story. I often feel a tug in my gut to Skeddadle, to get out of my apartment, to get out of Provo, to get out of Utah, to get out of the country. To see things, touch things, smell things, taste things, hear things, experience things. To LIVE!

Because this is so often not a possibility (I haven't left Utah in a record breaking year), this blog will serve as way to release this pent up desire to R-U-N O-F-T, give me hope of things that I will one day hopefully be able to do, while also documenting all the great things that I do and have gotten to experience. A little bit if daily inspiration to remember just how beautiful and wonderful our lives are. Let's see if I can do it.

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